Anti-Sneak USB Charge Scanner
Anti-Sneak USB Charge Scanner
Anti-Sneak USB Charge Scanner
Anti-Sneak USB Charge Scanner
Anti-Sneak USB Charge Scanner
Anti-Sneak USB Charge Scanner
Anti-Sneak USB Charge Scanner

Anti-Sneak USB Charge Scanner

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Main Features:
● 3D omnidirectional sensor chip, sound and light alarm protection for personal belongings
● USB charging can be used continuously for 24 - 72 hours with a 230mAh battery
● The safe sound personal alarm can find pinhole cameras, protect your privacy and keep personal security anytime and anywhere
● Smooth lines, simple shape atmosphere, lightweight, easy to carry
● A variety of scenarios can be used, such as scanning hotel cameras, traveling luggage care, camping and hiking flashlight lighting, residence protection and so on



Infrared scanning function:
①Turn on the side power switch.
②Press the function button briefly to enter the infrared scanning mode, and the eyes are close to the detection window.
③Short press the function button to adjust the red flashing frequency or turn off.
④Scan the environment and look at the unusual red flash point through the window to find suspicious items.

One-click alert function:
① Turn on the side power switch.
②Press and hold the function button for 2 seconds to enter the alarm mode. The green indicator flashes once every 1 second. The device is fixed in the detection source within 5 seconds, and the vibration detection is turned on after 5 seconds.
③ After the vibration is detected, the alarm sounds and the red LED flashes rapidly; after the alarm sounds for 1 min, it returns to the alarm mode and waits for the next trigger.
④ Press the function key briefly to turn off the alarm and return to the alarm mode.
⑤ Press and hold the function button for 2 seconds to exit the alarm mode and enter the sleep mode.

Common Q&A:
Q:How far can the camera scan this product?
A:Effective scanning distance: within 5 meters, depending on the ambient light intensity, the darker the light, the longer the scanning distance

Q:Is this product effective for wired / wireless cameras?
A:This product is effective for wired / wireless cameras, except for cameras with anti-glare coating on the mirror surface (the camera is generally not done in the market, and most of them are used to prevent direct sunlight from road cameras)
Q:What common places are easy to place hidden cameras?
A:Easy to place: desk lamp, bedside table, set-top box, TV, corner, toilet, fitting room, etc.
Q: Do I need to grasp the angle when scanning with this product?
A:Shooting angle: the effect of frontal sight is the best, and the effect of strabismus is weak (it is recommended to strengthen the observation of suspicious positions, multi-angle scanning)

Product Information:



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Black & White

Package included:

Instruction manual, detector, lanyard, charging cable, certificate of conformity

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars


Battery capacity: 230mahCharging time: 2 hoursAnti-Sneak Shot Mode: 24 hours of continuous workAlarm detection mode: continuous detection for 72 hours



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